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Winner's Choice Strings

Ecommerce Site

The Outdoor Group
Launch date
June 2023

The Challenge

The Outdoor Group approached us to create a dynamic ecommerce platform for Winner's Choice Strings. They needed a robust site that not only sold bow strings but also allowed customers to fully customize their orders. Ensuring a seamless user experience while handling complex customization options was a key challenge.

The Solution

We developed a Shopify-based ecommerce site integrated with a custom string builder tool. This builder, a customized version of a Shopify app, empowers users to choose their desired colors and components for their bow strings. Additionally, external monitoring tools built with Node.js were implemented to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

The Result

The new site provides an intuitive and engaging shopping experience, enabling users to design and order their own custom bow strings. Orders placed through the Shopify platform are seamlessly communicated to the factory for production, streamlining the manufacturing process and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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