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Service Website

Smarter Labs
Launch date
March 2023

The Challenge

We wanted to provide small to medium-sized businesses with an affordable, all-in-one solution for creating, hosting, and managing websites. We wanted a robust platform that could handle various client needs, from website creation to ongoing maintenance and customer service, all within a seamless user experience.

The Solution

I developed Snap, an integrated platform leveraging Webflow for design, Outseta for business operations, and custom Node.js APIs for additional functionalities. This comprehensive system allowed businesses to easily create and manage their websites. Beyond building the platform, I also designed the website, managed customer service, and provided continuous maintenance for client websites.

The Result

Snap quickly became a trusted web-specific IT partner for many small to medium-sized businesses, offering a turnkey solution that simplified their web presence management. The platform's success is reflected in the growing number of businesses relying on it as their small IT department, streamlining their operations and enhancing their online presence effectively.

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