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Smarter Labs

Agency Website

Smarter Labs
Launch date
October 2019

The Challenge:
Smarter Labs, a full-service digital marketing agency that I started with my business partner, needed a robust and user-friendly website to effectively showcase our services and attract potential clients. We needed a solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing tools and allowed for efficient client servicing. The main challenge was to create a dynamic and high-performing website that could handle the demands of a growing agency.

The Solution:
I collaborated with my business partner to develop their website using Webflow for design flexibility and ease of updates. We integrated Hubspot to streamline their marketing and client management processes. Additionally, I implemented Node.js APIs to monitor and enhance website performance, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience. This combination of technologies provided a comprehensive and scalable solution.

The Result:
The new Smarter Labs website effectively showcased the agency's capabilities and facilitated better client interactions. The seamless integration of Webflow and Hubspot, along with the performance improvements from Node.js APIs, contributed to the agency's successful business growth. The website now serves as a pivotal tool in attracting new clients and servicing existing ones, establishing Smarter Labs as a reliable and efficient digital marketing partner for our clients.

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