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Hutson Inc

Ecommerce Site

Hutson Inc
Launch date
July 2018

The Challenge

Hutson Inc needed a robust ecommerce platform to sell their extensive range of John Deere equipment and parts. The existing website was slow and cumbersome, leading to a poor user experience and low conversion rates. The challenge was to create a solution that could handle real-time product data while ensuring a fast, seamless shopping experience.

The Solution

To address Hutson Inc's needs, I worked closely with Hutson's designer and developed a headless Gatsby site that integrates directly with the John Deere API. This approach allowed for dynamic product updates and a highly responsive user interface. By decoupling the frontend from the backend, we ensured the website could deliver lightning-fast performance and a smooth browsing experience for customers.

The Result

The new Hutson Inc website is a clean, easy-to-navigate ecommerce platform that vastly improved user satisfaction. The site's performance increased significantly, reducing load times by several seconds. These enhancements led to a noticeable boost in conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of the revamped site in meeting the client's business objectives.

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