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Fox & Flock

Video Game

Smarter Games
Launch date
June 2015

The Challenge

I wanted to make a unique and engaging puzzle game that would stand out in a crowded market. The project required not only the development of a robust game engine but also scripting, dialogue writing, and high-quality illustrations to create an immersive experience. The challenge was to deliver a polished product that would appeal to puzzle game enthusiasts across multiple platforms.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge, I leveraged JavaScript for developing the game engine, ensuring cross-platform compatibility for Windows, Mac, and Linux releases on Steam. Utilizing an iPad with a pressure-sensitive stylus, I created detailed and expressive illustrations that brought the game's characters and scenes to life. By scripting intricate puzzles and crafting engaging dialogues, I built a cohesive and captivating gameplay experience.

The Result

The end product, Fox & Flock, found a publisher and emerged as a fun and visually stunning puzzle game that received great reviews from players and critics alike. The successful release on multiple platforms demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology and creative strategies employed throughout the development process.

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