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Elite Archery

Ecommerce Site

The Outdoor Group
Launch date
July, 2022

The Challenge

The Outdoor Group needed a robust and engaging website for their Elite Archery brand to enhance user experience and streamline their sales process. The primary challenges were improving site speed, integrating seamless forms, and providing a customizable product experience for their users. Additionally, they required a dealer locator feature and comprehensive SEO optimization to boost visibility and conversions.

The Solution

As the lead web developer collaborating with Smarter Labs, I leveraged Shopify and implemented custom CSS and Liquid overrides to tailor the site’s aesthetics and functionality. We integrated Hubspot for all forms, ensuring smooth data capture and customer interaction. A "bow builder" tool was developed, allowing users to customize their bows, while a custom dealer locator was built using React.js and Sanity CMS. A thorough technical SEO audit was also conducted to enhance site performance and search engine ranking.

The Result

The new Elite Archery website resulted in significantly increased conversions, thanks to the improved user experience and customization options. The site’s performance saw a marked improvement, loading faster and operating more smoothly. Additionally, the new setup made the site easier for The Outdoor Group to manage, ensuring they can keep their content fresh and relevant with minimal hassle.

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