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SaaS Application

Smarter Labs
Launch date
October, 2020

The Challenge
Smarter Labs needed a robust and efficient SaaS platform to host Webflow sites for their own clients, aiming to enhance performance and provide functionality beyond Webflow’s native capabilities. The platform required seamless integration, the ability to make unobtrusive code optimizations, and tools for users to implement changes that Webflow alone couldn't support. Additionally, the solution had to be scalable to accommodate a diverse user base, including high-profile clients like state governments and major corporations.

The Solution
I developed CryoLayer using React.js and Next.js for a dynamic and responsive front-end experience, and custom Node.js APIs to handle backend operations efficiently. Integration with Outseta provided streamlined customer management and billing solutions. The platform was designed to make performance-boosting changes invisibly and offer users enhanced site customization options. Beyond development, I created the website, managed customer service, and authored comprehensive documentation to ensure a smooth user experience.

The Result
CryoLayer quickly became a very successful SaaS business, attracting hundreds of users, including prestigious clients like the state of Texas and Glassdoor. The platform’s ability to significantly enhance Webflow site performance and provide additional customization capabilities was widely praised. My contributions resulted in a largely self-sustaining platform, allowing Smarter Labs to focus on growth and innovation while maintaining high customer satisfaction.

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